October 1, 2014

I just realized why using four fingers to close some apps isn’t working since I upgraded to iOS 8. I must have had some terrible accident where I lost two of the fingers from my hand and I don’t know I’ve lost them because they are ghost fingers!

Eat your heart out, M. Night Shyamalan.

September 29, 2014


Sample art from the Baby Bestiary Kickstarter.

Oh dang, how cute are these?!

September 29, 2014
009 Planet of Giants



Planet of Giants. As the TARDIS materializes at its next destination, due to some difficulty in the materialization process, the viewscreen is broken and our heroes don’t know where they are. As they explore their destination, they soon realize that they are on Earth, but they have been shrunk to about an inch tall! What’s more, all the insects around them are dead. The Doctor soon realizes that the dead insects are all covered in a poisonous chemical! He warns them all not to touch or eat anything. Meanwhile, in the big world, the business marketer of this chemical, upon being informed that it is too dangerous and will not be allowed to go into production, murders the government agent before he is able to file his report banning the chemical!

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How great does this episode sound? You can see a clip from it on the official Dr. Who Youtube channel.

September 29, 2014


out of all the things was hoping for in book 4 i did not expect one of them to be old men in longjohns

Inevitable Makani LoK fanart reblog.

September 28, 2014


MD: The many faces of Tenzin. Tenzin’s design is very realistic, and sometimes it’s difficult for the artists to give him exaggerated expressions in the final animation. Expression sheets like this one are provided to the animators to help bring the characters to life. 

JD: To this day I geek out over a well-executed expression sheet! These drawings aid not only the animators but also the storyboard crew and directors. Unfortunately, due to the schedule, we are not abot to generate expression sheets for every character, but usually all the main characters are given one.

Expressions by Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.


Such a great character!

September 27, 2014


so ugh sorry REPOSTING since i left out 2 pages w/ the most cohesive part on it. that’s what i get for putting posts together in early morning delirium 


Finally getting around to posting some of my jotting down little story/headcanon scribble files.  

It’s not all sequential, jumps forward in time and stuff, it’s not even headcanon too much since I have no basis for most any of this, mainly just an exercise in writing/another thing to make me sketch a lot lol.

So I really like Pema, or at least the idea of Pema seeing as she hardly has any screentime (though her season 1 stuff is p cute).  There’s something really appealing to me in basically a nobody- a tiny, young, plain looking non-bender from who knows where- coming in and being like unfalteringly confident and undaunted by like.. anything honestly, as far as we’ve seen.      

I started this bit with a couple rules and challenges, the first one being don’t make them unlikable haha, so therefore you have to diffuse some of the easy-to-make-creepy things about their relationship that the show only mentions.  So the point where Pema confesses all this stuff would be after they’ve known each other for 5 years or so, she joined at 14-15 and she’s 20 when she talks to him about it.  I imagine Acolytes move around temples so she’s lived at different ones including some time at ATI.  She’s also Tenzin’s peer at that point, as much as an Acolyte can be, maybe helped with teaching or at least how to wrangle newbies better or something.  

coming up next or eventually:


Makani writes these characters better than the people who made up these characters do!

September 27, 2014


how bout some assorted lins looking to the left

I was trying to think of why she wouldn’t be in the trailer today and like maybe it’s spoiler related??  What if she retires for real and moves to zaofu….. I really hope she doesn’t I want her to be an old ass chief of police in Republic City but there would be some consolation in that the new armor looks rad as hell (I mean her regular armor is great but dammit I love pauldrons also those gloves with the white palms omg).  And different hair cos erryone got different hair

Rest are from random sketch files over the past few weeks.  Dude I can totally see Lin being super well behaved disciplined kid despite Toph not enforcing anything, but the one area she would take advantage is just eating whatever she wanted so chub babby lin 

Also love how different Lin and Su’s earthbending styles are.  Su is like Ty Lee if she was an earthbender and Lin is just like as graceful as someone shotputting a cinderblock.

Lin Beifong is the best character.

September 27, 2014

anonnim said: Lin Suyin and Opal threesome hug art please!


ah, i sketched one of those back before the book 3 finale came out

What’s Opal’s last name though? I’ll just call her Opal Beifong.

September 27, 2014

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September 26, 2014

カピバラ Capybara by CapybaraJP on Flickr.


カピバラ Capybara by CapybaraJP on Flickr.

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